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GodLike Esports to expand globally according to Kronten

Kronten, the owner of GodLike, announced the expansion of GodLike Esports globally on his Instagram story.

In an recent Instragram story, Kronten talked about the future of GodLike. He also mentioned about the global expansion of GodLike, the facility they will provide to their players, and a new awareness program.

Kronten posts about the future of GodLike Esports

Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude, the owner of GodLike, recently posted a story about the future plans of Godlike. The story reads, 

“Major Announcements coming your way. Going forward, we aim develop a healthy eco system around Esports and Content. Others claim to be the “Best” henceforth we believe in

giving them “rest”. Esports and content creation are going to be our primary verticals followed with lots more (surprise). We will venture into every competitive games, will provide with an amazing and arguably the biggest training facility. Also, we are going international very soon. We gonna create an awareness program especially for Parents about careers in Gaming. Believe in God Like. #DilseGod Like”

Kronten mentioned that the main focus of GodLike will be on Esports and Content creation followed by some surprises. Further, he also claimed to provide arguably the biggest training facility for their players in the future. 

Moreover, he also mentioned about their global expansion. Further, he mentioned that GodLike will be creating an awareness program in future especially for parents about careers in Gaming.

Creating an Esports awareness program is a very valuable step by GodLike. Esports is growing rapidly in India, but majority of parents don’t have a clue about it. 

About Godlike Esports

GodLike Esports is one of the leading Esports organizations in India founded by Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude in 2018. GodLike hosts a huge number of talented Esports players and content creators. Moreover, Godlike has been a huge part of Indian Gaming Community in the past couple of years.

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