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GodLike Esports to Represent India at PMGC Grand Finals 2021

GodLike Esports has qualified for the PMGC Finals. Since the top 3 teams failed to meet the criteria for going to PMGC, GodLike will now represent India.

After a lot of uncertain zone shifts, third partying and epic fights, BGIS ended on 16 January. Skylightz Gaming was crowned as the champion of BGIS 2021. TSM became the runner-up and Team XO became the second runner-up.

However, Krafton had set certain criteria for the winning team. According to the rulebook, if the winning team fails to meet the criteria, then the team with highest points who meets these criteria will participate.

GodLike Esports came fourth and will fly to Dubai for the PMGC Grand Finals 2021. 

Criteria to Qualify for PMGC :

Krafton already announced the following things after Round 2 –

  1. Passport
  • All the players of the winning team must have a valid passport with 6 months of validity.
  • Players had to provide it before 16 January, 23:00 IST. 
  1. Vaccination
  • All the players must be fully-vaccinated.
  • Players must provide vaccination certificates.
  1. RT-PCR Reports
  • Each player had to provide his RT-PCR reports (negative). 

GodLike Esports :

GodLike is one of the finest esports teams in India. They have been the champions of PMCO Fall Split 2020 India and also played at the global stage.

They have all the experience and have won most of the tournaments in 2021.

Their roster has the following players –

  1. Jonathan Amaral (Jonathan)
  2. Suraj Majumdar (Neyoo)
  3. Vivek Horo (Clutchgod)
  4. Abhishek Choudhary (ZGod)
  5. Abhijeet Andhaare (Ghatak) –coach

PMGC Global Finals will feature the top 9 teams from the East, top 6 teams from the west and GodLike. It will be live between 21-23 January. Moreover, it will be amazing to watch an Indian team at PMGC after a long time.

To sum up, Godlike Esports is ready to fight among teams from other countries. Audience loves their aggressive gameplay. Also, a spectacular event awaits.

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