Godlike Esports PMGC 2021

Godlike Esports will be Representing India at PMGC 2021 Grand Finals

According to a recent post by PUBG Mobile Esports, GodLike Esports will be representing India in the PMGC 2021 Grand Finals. Krafton had to qualify Godlike Esports as the top 3 teams of BGIS failed to meet all the travel requirements.

After many ups and downs, action-packed, and intense 24 matches, the BGIS Grand Finals concluded on the 16th of January. Skylightz Gaming emerged as the champions of BGIS 2021. However, TSM and Team XO were concluded as runner-ups and second runner-ups, respectively.

Godlike Esports will be Representing India at PMGC

According to Krafton, all the BGIS Grand Finalists had to submit the travel documents before the 16th of January. Moreover, if the winning team fails to submit all players’ documents, the next team will get the preference, and so on.

However, the top three teams failed to submit all the required documents, and the team in the fourth position, Godlike Esports, successfully submitted all the required documents.

Eligibility Criteria to play PMGC 2021 Grand Finals:

Krafton announced the following criteria after the second round of BGIS:


  • All the winning team players must have a valid passport with six months of validity to qualify for PMGC 2021 Grand Finals.
  • Players had to submit their passports before 23:00 IST on the 16th of January.


  • All the players must be fully-vaccinated.
  • Players must provide vaccination certificates before 23:00 IST of the 16th of January.

RT-PCR Reports

  • All the player must provide their negative RT-PCR reports. (COVID-19 Test Reports)

GodLike Esports :

GodLike is one of the finest and oldest esports teams in India. Also, they have been the champions of PMCO Fall Split 2020 India, and they have represented India on the international level in the past. Moreover, they also won most of the BGMI tournaments in 2021.

Godlike Esports roster has the following players:

  1. Jonathan “Jonathan” Amaral 
  2. Suraj “Neyoo” Majumdar
  3. Vivek “Clutchgod” Horo 
  4. Abhishek “ZGoD” Choudhary
  5. Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhaare (Coach) 

PMGC 2021 Global Finals will feature the top nine teams from the East, top six teams from the west, and one invited team from India, Godlike Esports. Moreover, the championship will commence on the 21st of January, and it will conclude on the 23rd of January. 

It is a fascinating and thrilling moment for all the fans as Godlike Esports will be representing India at PMGC 2021 Global Finals. Besides,it is another excellent opportunity for the team to showcase their skills at the level against the best players across the globe.

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