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GodLike Ghatak Shares his Views on Esports as Careers in India

GodLike Ghatak today shared his views on Esports as a career in India. Today he wrote about it on his Instagram story as well as posted the same on Twitter. 

Even after the recognition of the Esports Industry till some extent, not everyone seems serious about it. Therefore, Ghatak took the example of sports and wrote –

“Back in the day, everyone would tell you to become a doctor or an engineer. No one used to take sports like cricket and football seriously.

After it got recognised globally and our sportspersons became known

worldwide, parents started telling their kids to pursue a career in sports.

Me, as a person who’s been a part of esports for a pretty long time would not

want the same to happen with kids who aspire to make a career in esports. 

The opportunities are endless. And because of this reason I would want everyone to take esports as a career choice before it’s too late. 

I don’t want India to lack in global stages and I would always want India to take part in the events. 

But because of the lack of awareness and seriousness in the country, the global stage probably won’t take us seriously. 

Please realise this before it’s too late. Esports is the future! Love – Ghatak.”

Afterall, Esports came a bit late in India. However, the gaming industry is growing at a fast pace. 

It is necessary to take the esports industry seriously. Also, the government must recognise it and help in its development.

GodLike Ghatak:

Mr Abhijeet ‘Ghatak’ Andhare is a member of Godike Esports. 

Godlike Ghatak is the coach of the official BGMI roster of GodLike Esports. Their roster has the following players –

  1. Jonathan Amaral (Jonathan)
  2. Suraj Majumdar (Neyoo)
  3. Vivek Horo (Clutchgod)
  4. Abhishek Choudhary (ZGod)

In contrast GodLike Ghatak is training some talented underdog players for tournaments. 

Esports Industry in India:

Esports in India was not so famous till 2017-18. Later on, PUBG Mobile came in 2018. 

Soon Krafton and Tencent Games organised big tournaments. Therefore mobile esports came into the scenario.

However, PC esports existed, but could not gain that much popularity. It had games like CS:GO, DOTA, LoL etc. 

Indian esports athletes have participated at international stages which brought esports into notice.  

Esports As A Career:

After the big tournaments in India, people started recognising gaming as a career. There is a huge audience for mobile gaming and mobile esports now. 

These days, Valorant has entered the esports scenario. It is a FPS PC game.  

Both mobile esports and pc esports are now growing in India. In contrast, certain international organisations are showing interest in the Indian gaming industry. 

Hopefully more and more people and the government will soon recognise Esports and its importance.

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