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GodLike Jonathan Speaks Up on Facing Cheaters in BGMI

GodLike Jonathan, aka Jonathan Amaral expressed disappointment on the increasing numbers of hackers in BGMI. Moreover, he requested BGMI officials to look into this matter.

These days, hackers in Battlegrounds Mobile India have become unstoppable. Despite the anti-cheat system which bans hackers in real time, hackers are easily playing the game. 

Also, even after reporting the hackers, their accounts aren’t getting banned. Other esports players like Mortal and Scout also expressed their frustration towards hackers.

GodLike Jonathan:

GodLike Jonathan also mentioned that he sees lots of aspiring talents in the industry. They grind all day and work very hard. 

“But, it is very disappointing to see all their hard work go in vain,” he added.

In contrast, cheaters are now affecting the esports scenario of the game. Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) didn’t start due to hackers.

Mortal tweeted, “BGMI classic matches are turning into homes of cheaters. Ruining the fun every 2 out of 5 games makes it impossible to create content around the game.”

It is true that cheaters not only spoil the game but also ruin the esports scenario. Cheating in competitive hinders players from their achievements.

Report Cheaters:

Other than the anti-cheat system, players can directly report cheaters when the match ends.

Players can now report cheaters by sending an email to battlegroundsindia_support@gmail.com. 

You have to mention the UID and nickname precisely in the mail.

If someone promotes hacking on YouTube, simply attach the link of their video in the mail. 

Krafton recognised the issues and made an official announcement a few days back. They replied with a blog post with the title ‘We Heard You – Part 1’. 

In the post they talked about the anti-cheat system. They said that they are taking the issue very seriously.

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