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Godzilla and Kong to appear in PUBG Mobile soon.

Recently some mysterious claw marks, footprints and skeletons have appeared in PUBG Mobile. These are the tease of its upcoming crossover event. The game has partnered with Godzilla vs Kong for the forthcoming event.

“Legendary Entertainment” released the movie on the 26th of March this year. Moreover, it was the fourth instalment in its MonsterVerse.

In collaboration with PUBG Mobile, both Godzilla, as well as Kong will appear in the game. The Official Twitter handle of PUBG Mobile tweeted that the event will start on the 11th of May along with a PUBG Mobile update. 

PUBG Mobile released a beta version was of this event earlier this month. This version gave a glimpse of the event to all the players.

In the beta version, Godzilla and Kong appeared in Erangel as well as in Sanhok. From the beginning of the match, players can see Godzilla and Kong on the minimum where they can land.

Both Godzilla and Kong roam freely on the map destroying players caught in their way. Though, one can’t kill Godzilla or Kong by firing at them. Various other creatures are also encountered from the MonterVerse. However, one can kill these creatures by firing at them. 

(Image Via: PUBG MOBILE)

On Sanhok, it seems that Kong leaves some trail of crystal behind him. However, if players pick up these crystals, it boosts them. The speed and the height of the jump are increased slightly.

This crossover is fascinating for PUBGM fans as well as Godzilla vs Kong fans. It’s incredible to watch their favourite creatures stomp around, crush cars, and fight right in front of you. It will be very interesting to see what this event brings along with it.

The last collaboration of PUBGM and Godzilla was terrific with some cool skins and outfits. Let’s see what this collaboration brings for us in the inventory. 

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