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GXR India Puts Owais, Roxx & Ultron on the Sidelines from the Roster

GXR India today gave an official statement regarding their BGMI lineup. The post says that they are putting three players on the sidelines – Owais, Roxx and Ultron.

They made a post on instagram today which says that these players will continue to be under contract with Galaxy Racer. However, they will no longer be part of any active team roster.


These players’ disobedience, unprofessional behaviour, and not following protocols made GXR India to take the decision. 

Moreover, now they cannot play any BGMI tournaments and have to stay on contract with GXR. 

Player Maxkash has not been playing tournaments for quite awhile. He is inactive due to medical reasons. 

Also, Player MJ remains on contract, and continues to be a part of the Active Roster.  

The exact reasons were the conflicts between the roster and their coach. Pratik ‘Aurum’ Mehra is their coach. 

That time the organisation announced that they are investigating the issues. Later on they came up with an announcement. It said that they couldn’t find any proof against anyone.

The organisation will make more announcements in future. 

GXR India:

GXR India is a UAE-based Esports organization. They had the following players in their active BGMI lineup –

  1. Ultron 
  2. Roxx
  3. Owais
  4. MJ
  5. MaxKash
(Image Cr: GXR India)

However, due to some issues, they have sidelined 3 players. Probably, they will put other players into their active lineup. 

This will be for a particular time period. After that, they will permit Ultron, Roxx and Owais to play official tournaments.  

Even in the Skyesports Championship 3.0, the entire roster did not play. Also, there were two or three new players in the team.  

The names of these new players are not disclosed yet. They played with nicknames like – ‘GXRnewplayer’. 

Consequently, it will affect GXR’s performance and positions in the upcoming BGMI Events.

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