highest grossing game of July 2021

PUBG Mobile becomes the highest-grossing mobile game of July 2021

PUBG Mobile became the highest-grossing mobile game with a revenue of around $300 million across the globe. According to a report by Sensor Tower, July 2021 shows a growth of 26.7 percent compared to July 2020. 

PUBG Mobile becomes the highest grossing game of July 2021

In July 2020, the revenue for PUBG Mobile was $213.8 million, whereas it is over $299 million in July 2021. This growth might be due to the launch of a new Royale Pass Season and a new Royale Pass system in July. This growth made PUBG Mobile the highest-grossing mobile game of July 2021.

Image via Sensor Tower

The majority of the revenue comes from the Chinese version of the game, Peacekeeper Elite. Moreover, it accounts for 68.4 percent of total revenue. However, the US accounts for 6.7 percent of total revenue, and Turkey accounts for 6 percent. 

PUBG Mobile was the top-grossing game on Apple’s App Store, whereas it was the seventh top-grossing game on Google Play Store. 

Five top grossing games of July 2021

PUBG Mobile led the chart with a whopping revenue of over $299 million. On the other hand, the MOBA game by Tencent, Honor of Kings, was the second highest-grossing mobile game in July 2020. It made around $231.2 million. The third game on the chart was Genshim Impact. Pokémon Go and Roblox ranked fourth and fifth, respectively. 

Sensor Tower only includes the revenue from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. It does not include any third-party stores. However, Google is banned in China, and Android users usually use third-party stores to download and spend money on all games. Hence, the actual earnings for all these games should be higher.

For the past two years, PUBG Mobile has been consistent in revenue collection. However, we expect the numbers to go much higher in the coming months, making it the highest-grossing mobile game. Besides, after the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the revenue from India will also increase. 

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