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How to get free UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

On the 2nd of July, Krafton released the official version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. It is quite similar to the original PUBG Mobile in every aspect. Players speculated that the in-game would change, but it was clear that in-game currency is the same as PUBG Mobile after the release.

UC is the in-game currency of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players can use UCs to purchase various things in the game, including Outfits, Crate Coupons, Royal Pass and more.

Players can buy UC by spending real money, which players can use to purchase exclusive items in the game. However, UCs are quite expensive, and not everyone can afford them.

Besides using real money, there are few ways players can buy UC without using a single penny. This article explains three ways to get UC for free in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Top 3 ways to get UC for free in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

  1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an application on Google Play Store which users can use to earn Google Play Credit. Players can use this Google Play Credit to purchase UC in BGMI.

This app sends short and simple surveys and tasks to users. After completing these surveys and tasks, the user gets some amount of Google Play Credit in the registered Google Account. However, every survey and task has different rewards.

  1. GetPaidTo websites

GPT websites are gaining quite a lot of popularity amongst players these days. These websites have several tasks which users can complete to get specific rewards. Moreover, these websites also ask players to review a game, answers a quiz and more.

After completing a certain amount, players can withdraw the money. Players can use this money to purchase money in-game.

  1. GetPaidTo apps

Like GPT websites, some applications are available on the Google Play Store, which rewards users after completing certain actions. Moreover, GPT apps also reward users for watching advertisements. 

Many players want to buy UC. However, some of them can not afford to buy it. Hence, these top 3 ways can be used by players to get free UC in the game.

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