PUBG Mobile Makes a Huge Collaboration With Tesla

With each update, PUBG Mobile introduces new events. They also collaborate in a variety of ways. Tencent has teamed up with the well-known Automobile Company Tesla.

PUBG Mobile – Tesla Collab:

PUBG Mobile has announced a partnership with Tesla. Tesla is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking automobile firms. The partnership will be included in the next Version 1.5 upgrade.

It will bring together two businesses that are at the forefront of their respective sectors. In addition, exclusive in-game material is a part of the collaboration.

Pre-registration for the upcoming version of PUBG Mobile is now open. The next update of PUBGM in July. further details about the cooperation will be revealed soon.

The Tesla Model S premium sedan, the Model X, their highest performance SUV yet made, the low-priced, high-volume Model 3, and the mid-size SUV Model Y with seating for up to seven people are all part of the company’s lineup.

Famous PUBG Mobile Collabs:

Tencent has formed a number of strategic alliances. Every collaboration, on the other hand, has increased the intensity of the game. 

The addition of new themes, events, skins, and modes is always a delight. PUBG Mobile has previously collaborated with Alan Walker, BLACKPINK, Mountain Dew, Walking Dead, and others. 

They also collaborated on the well-known game Metro Exodus. Tencent added a new game mode called “Metro Royale” as a result of this.

About Tesla:

Tesla is an automobile company noted for its ground-breaking innovations. These have propelled electric vehicles into the mainstream since 2003.

Tesla manufactures not only all-electric automobiles, but also renewable energy generating and storage systems that are infinitely scalable. 

Tesla’s cutting-edge culture makes it an ideal partner for PUBGM. It is a game that is constantly adding new and innovative gameplay. 

Recently, Tencent collaborated with the famous Line Friends. The update is currently live in the game. Moreover, we expect to see more wonderful collaborations in the future. 

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