Team India Wins Bronze at Commonwealth Esports Championship 2022

India DOTA 2 CWG Team Controversy : Explained 

India DOTA 2 Team Controversy has currently become a hot topic in the Indian Gaming community. 

The allegations put by Moin Aijaz on ESFI has highlighted the current situation of esports in India. This questions if the govt is serious about supporting esports and athletes.

On the other hand, ESFI India wishes the best for the players, and doesn’t want a roster change.

If the issues aren’t resolved quickly, we may not see the same Bronze medalist DOTA 2 team from India in the 14th WEC. 

Here’s the entire story –

India DOTA 2 Team Controversy 

Team India won a bronze medal in the inaugural esports event at the Commonwealth Games 2022. The same team was about to reach the 14th World Esports Championship.

However, when the team’s captain, Mr Moin Aijaz asked to replace a player & ESFI refused to do so. 

ESFI – Esports Federation of India looks after the participation of Indian teams in such big events. But this does not entirely involve the Indian Govt. 

There is no govt body for esports in India. 

Statement by Moin :

ESFI India’s Response :

Meanwhile, ESFI regarded Moin’s allegations “baseless” and “lack understanding of fair working of the selection process.”

In April 2022, ESFI finalised the team for the event. The event got postponed. But teams cannot change their players. 

ESFI also says that the team is a champion. They have created history and yet Moin wishes to change the roster. 

For the 14th WEC, ESFI has to submit team details before 3rd September. The team consists of the following players –

  1. Krish Gupta
  2. Abhishek Yadav
  3. Ketan Goyal
  4. Moin Aijaz
  5. Shubham Goli
  6. Vishal
  7. Darshan Bata

Out of these, Krish, Darshan and Vishal are not playing which makes the team ineffective. So the slot will go to the team who finished second in India.  

In conclusion, it is sad to see such controversies happening in India. DOTA 2 Team of India has the potential to bring more and more titles. Hopefully they will resolve the matter with ESFI and will reach the WEC. 

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