JetSynthesys ’ New Startup to Invest $100 Million in Gaming Studios

JetSynthesys is once again planning to make big investments in gaming studios. The company will acquire studios in India and other regions. Jetsynthesis is a Pune based tech and digital entertainment company.

The firm already owns the game studio – Nautilus Mobile. Moreover, this studio has received $5.4 million from the South Korean video game company Krafton.

JetSynthesys ’ Investment :

JetSynthesys has launched their new startup – Jetapult. The firm will acquire small Indian gaming studios in an I & O (invest and operate) model. 

As per the company, they have been working on Jetapult for a year now. 

Mr Rajan Navani is the MD of Jetsynthesis. According to him, Jetapult aims to invest $100 million into the studios it will acquire. These investments will be made in the next 9-12 months.

They will work together with studios which have potential to develop and launch amazing games.  

The new business has already acquired one studio and is in talks to acquire a second, according to Mr Navani.

Jetapult will target profit-generating Indie game development studios in regions such as India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Mr Sharan Tulsiani will lead Jetapult, who has prior experience of leading Gaming at Google Play Asia – India and ANZ markets, together with their Indie Games Accelerator (IGA).

There are a lot of small game development studios in India. However, the lack of revenue and correct mentorship has always hindered their growth. 

That’s why there are very few Indian games which are popular on the Google Play Store and even PCs.  

Jetapult will be very helpful for Indian gaming studios in terms of financial support and guidance. With this, we will get to play a lot of new games made in India. 

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