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Krafton Appoints Hyunil Sohn as Representative of its Indian Subsidiary

BGMI is Krafton’s game for Indian gamers. They have registered their Indian subsidiary as ‘PUBG India’. Moreover, now they have appointed Mr. Hyunil Sohn as their representative. 

BGMI Representative:

Indian Govt. banned PUBG Mobile in September 2020. After that, Krafton made a game for India. They registered as an Indian subsidiary.

In addition, now they have appointed Mr. Sean Hyunil Sohn as the CEO of Krafton India. He will manage Krafton’s operations in the Indian market.

Mr. Sohn Hyunil said, “The Indian game market is in the beginning stage of development, so it has great potential for expansion, and users’ interest in games and entertainment is high, so it is a market of opportunity.”

Hyunil Sohn:

Sean Hyunil Sohn is also the Head of Corporate Development at Krafton Inc./PUBG Corp. In addition, he is the company’s first representative in the Middle East and Africa.

He will be focusing on expanding Krafton’s IP and improving the gaming experience, mostly in India.

Also, Krafton has recognised the huge hype for the game in India. They are continually putting efforts to execute their plans for gamers.

Krafton has made BGMI for India and ensures data privacy. Moreover, now they are working for the Indian esports industry. 

Krafton recently hosted an event called “The Launch Party.” Several streams took part in this. Team Snax, on the other hand, won the competition. In the future, Krafton plans to host more events like this. 

This will help the Indian Esports Industry to grow and evolve. Also, it is exciting for all the fans who love to watch esports.

The company has announced BGIS as their first official tournament. It is open for all. Also, many fun events are being organised for Indian players only. 

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