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Krafton India to Be The Hub of Its Emerging Market Strategy 

Krafton India will be the hub of the company’s new market strategy. The BGMI developer Krafton from South Korea is expanding its operations in India. 

Krafton is a South Korean Video Game company that entered India in 2021. With the launch of BGMI, the company has made a lot of investments in the Indian Market.

Mr Anuj Tandon is the head of corporate development of India and the MENA region. Recently he said, “India is like our hub for emerging markets. We feel our India strategy is very linked to our emerging markets strategy and we have a very different approach for the India market.”

Krafton India Market Strategy :

Krafton India plans to invest $100 million in Indian firms. They also aim to invest into the growing startups in India who have the potential to dominate the market.

“Emerging markets have their own flavour for media and entertainment, and you can’t typecast it. We feel Indian IP is going to be super important, not just in India but also globally in the next five to six years,” Mr Tandon said.

They have made ‘agressive’ but careful investments in India. The company has also made a gaming network and entertainment studios worldwide.

Krafton Investments :

Their most recent funding was done in Nautilus Mobile. It is a JetSynthesis-owned Indian game development studio. Soon the studio will develop new games and expand into South Asian and Western Markets.

Startups got about $86 million in the past 10 months. Live streaming giant Loco, recieved a $9 million in 2021. In addition, Pratilipi and Frnd received investments from Krafton. 

To sum up, Krafton India will become a huge name in the Indian market with time. The esports ecosystem and new games will be revolutionary for the industry.

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