Krafton Investment in India

Krafton Investment in India : Nautilus Mobile Recieves $5.4 Million  

Krafton investment – list in India has a brand new name added. Nautilus Mobile has received a massive investment of $5.4 million from Krafton. It is an Indian Gaming Studio.

Krafton Investment in Nautilus Mobile :

For the first time, Krafton is investing in an Indian Game development studio. Nautilus Mobile will expand in the global market with new games. 

Their main aim is to create more unique sports gaming experiences, as the Indian audience is passionate about cricket. 

The company would also team up with Nautilus on the publishing side to help it expand outside of India, in South Asian and Western markets.

 Nautilus Mobile is a part of JetSynthesys. JetSynthesys is a mobile gaming and digital entertainment startup based in India. 

It also has presence in other countries like Japan, USA, Europe, UK, and Singapore.

Krafton Investment in India (Overall) :

Krafton launched BGMI in July 2021. After that, the company has made many investments in India. In 2021, Krafton made an overall Investment of about $76.5 million. 

Krafton invested $22.5 million in the famous esports company Nodwin Gaming. Nodwin is also owned by JetSynthesys. The company hosts a variety of esports events across South Asia.

Another Krafton Investment was into streaming giant – Loco. Krafton invested $9 million in the company.

‘Frnd’ – a dating app based on games, chat rooms and streams, received $6.5 million. Storytelling platform –  Pratilipi also got a part of Krafton’s IPO.

Krafton is expanding its operations in India. With an Indian Gaming Studio, they will surely come up with some amazing games. 

In conclusion, Krafton investments will help the Indian gaming market grow. The industry is growing at a faster pace now and is one of the top 5 mobile gaming markets in the world.

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