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Krafton Investments in India 2022 Will Be In Web3, Deeptech Startups 

Krafton Investments have helped a lot of Indian startups grow. In 2022, these investments will now be in a new industry. The company will invest in Web3 and deeptech startups.

In 2021, Krafton invested about $100 million in India. It has invested in dating app FRND, story-telling platform – Pratilipi and Kuku FM.

It also funded a live-streaming platform – Loco.  

Web3 and Deeptech in India :

Web3 and deeptech sectors are now growing rapidly in India. Therefore, Krafton India has decided to focus on them along with gaming.

Mr Anuj Tandon, head of Krafton Investments India, wrote on Twitter –

“We will certainly deploy more capital than $100Mn – expanding our scope of investment areas ”  

He further mentioned the reasons for investing in IP and audio social platforms in an interview with The Hindu Buisiness Line. 

Web3 investments will focus on how Krafton can use NFTs and metaverse creation. As a gaming company, its main aim is to create fun, so that will remain, and web3 is simply another way for customers to connect with them in that regard.

Reasons : 

Krafton believes that there is immense potential in India’s interactive entertainment sector. This includes games, esports and technology. 

They see underfunded companies in the entertainment space, so they approach it as an opportunity.

In terms of the gaming industry, Krafton is also one of the most powerful IP companies in the world. When we talk about IPs, we’re talking about a variety of things. 

The company announced a collaboration with a Netflix director for a series based on its IPs last year. 

They support platforms that build IP discovery. The investments in Pratilipi and Kuku FM will help in IPs. This is their entire strategy in that area.

Krafton Investments :

Till now, Krafton has invested in the following companies –

  1. Loco – $9 million 
  2. Nautilus Mobile (Game Studio) – $5.4 million 
  3. Pratilipi – $6.5 million 
  4. FRND – $6.5 million
  5. Kuku FM – $19.5 million
  6. Nodwin Gaming – $22.5 million 

To sum up, Krafton is helping Indian startups to grow. Its operations in the Indian market will bring a revolution. With this, the gaming and media industries will become greater. 

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