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Krafton rebrands PUBG: New State to New State: Mobile

Krafton removed the branding prefix of “PUBG” from PUBG: New State from all of its Social Media handles and website, and renamed it to New State: Mobile. It seems the developers are focussing on a better mobile experience for the game. 

The spokesperson of Krafton explained everything about taking this step in an interview with Dotesports

Krafton renames PUBG: New State to New State: Mobile

The spokesperson of Krafton stated, “New State has always been a mobile-focused experience, so we’re just leaning into that. While players can still get the intense and competitive gameplay of PUBG, this version really is tailormade to be the ultimate mobile experience.”

According to the spokesperson, Krafton emphasizes the mobile-focused experience of the game. Moreover, the spokesperson also said that the Battleroyale Extreme Mode will also see “some of the evolution.” 

Krafton released the Extreme Mode earlier this month with the January patch. It features a 20 minute gameplay with 64 players on a smaller area of Troi. This new mode is full of action and intensive. Moreover, it also has a higher loot than the normal BR mode. 

While many players speculates that the focus on “mobile” in the new title meant Krafton was working on a PC version of the game, this does not appear to be the case. New State has always been a “mobile-focused experience,” according to a Krafton spokesperson.

Most importantly, players will get the same competitive gameplay as PUBG in New State: Mobile. Moreover, players can expect a better mobile gaming experience in the coming months.

Krafton released New State on the 11th of November 2021; hence it is still a new game. 2021 can be an excellent year for the game with a lot of improvisation ahead.

Krafton has changed the name of the game to New State: Mobile on its official website and social media handle. However, it has not yet changed the name in the game, Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, and third-party app stores. 

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