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Krafton to release a PUBG movie on the 26th of June.

Krafton Inc., the parent company of PUBG, is planning to release a PUBG movie on the 26th of June. After breaking several records in the gaming industry, Krafton is all set to enter the film industry.

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Krafton, a South Korean Video Game company, plans to raise $5 Billion in a Landmark Korea IPO. Besides, the company will put about 20% of its total share for sale, which is around 10 million shares.

Earlier this year, the CEO of Krafton, Changan Kim, revealed Krafton’s plan to dominate the industry. Moreover, Krafton is also launching a new Battle Royale game, PUBG New State, by the end of the year. Besides, it has also completed the Alpha testing of the game.

Krafton plans to release a short PUBG movie on the 26th of June, 2021. However, this might be the first movie by Krafton, but it will not be the last.

Krafton to release a short PUBG movie.

In a recent interview, the CEO of Krafton, Changan Kim, talked about the company’s expansion in the movie and animation industry. However, according to a recent blog post on the official website of Krafton, the company has already started working on their first movie.

Movie plot

“그라운드 제로” or “Ground Zero” when translated to English, is the name of the short movie. Moreover, this movie stars Ma Dong-Seok, and it will be based on the PUBG universe.

This movie is set to take place in the year 1983 in Taego Hosan Prison. The story revolves around prisoners trying to kill Ma Gang-Jae for the bounty on his head. Meanwhile, the prison guard records the battle scenes via CCTV.

Krafton revealed the poster of Ground Zero on the blog. Moreover, Changan Kim will unveil the movie on the 26th of June at 4:00 pm. Besides, the movie will be free to watch on the official YouTube channel of PUBG.

Before the movie release, actor Ma Dong-Seok will have a live 30-minute chat session with the fans. In this chat session, Ma Dong-Seok will hand out various gifts like iPad Pros and autographed action figures of actor Ma Dong-Seok. Moreover, Krafton will also give one hundred special boxes on PUBG’s official YouTube channel to viewers.

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