PUBG PC 2.0: Krafton to Develop Realistic Battle Royale

Krafton will develop PUBG PC 2.0 soon. It will be based on realism rather than futurism. Krafton has selected the team for developing the new PUBG PC.

Initially, Krafton released Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds PC beta version in March 2017 for MS Windows. The full release was made in the month of December.
In the same month, Microsoft Studios announced the game for the Xbox One as a part of its Xbox Game Preview program. It was released officially in September 2018.

(Image via: Krafton)

The Success of PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile:

PUBG is a Battle Royale game that is popular worldwide. PUBG on PC turned out to be a huge success. This success made PUBG Corporation create the same game for mobiles too.

So Krafton created PUBG Mobile along with the Chinese Company Tencent Games. In 2018, they launched the game as a free-to-play mobile game for Android and iOS. The Google Play Store recorded a billion downloads worldwide.

PUBG 2.0

Krafton is not forming a new team as per the rumors. They just added new developers to the existing team who have worked earlier. Developing the new PUBG Game with the old team could mean the re-creation of the original gameplay.

They want PUBG 2.0 to be precise to PUBG PC. Krafton wants to maintain the classic Battle Royale experience of the game without any transformation.

Krafton likes adding new things to its games. They added Metro Royale to PUBG Mobile recently. The new PUBG is expected to be something great.

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