BGMI Showdown

Krafton’s Upcoming LAN – BGMI Showdown : Teams, Schedule & More

After BGMS, the BGMI Showdown will be the next LAN for delighting the audience with action. This will be an official event by Krafton. 

Nodwin Gaming’s BGMI Masters Series is the first ever BGMI LAN which was aired on TV. It was a super hit show, breaking viewership records of the French Open and Australian Open.

The talks of Global Esports’ incredible win aren’t over yet, and here we have another beautiful LAN to watch! 

Krafton is hosting this event along with live-streaming platform Loco. It will be an invitational event featuring 24 best teams in India. 

BGMI Showdown

BGMI Showdown will be live between 21st – 24th July 2022. The event prize pool is 15 Lakh INR. BMSD 2022 is the first ever official LAN. 

Fans can watch the event on the official YouTube and Loco channels of BGMI Esports

The following teams will participate in the event –

However, Krafton is yet to reveal the format and the groups.

Meanwhile, rumours say that the winner of this event will receive an invite to the PMWI 2022. PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) is one of the most prestigious world events of PUBG Mobile.

Team Soul has already secured their spot into the event after winning the BMPS Season 1. We will have to wait for an official announcement if India is getting one more slot in this event. 

A BGMI official LAN going live so soon is wonderful news. In contrast, it seems like Krafton is still not inviting a live audience at the venue. After a successful event, we may see events with a crowd. 

BGMS and BGSD have just started a new era of BGMI LANs in India. After years of waiting (after PMCOs and PMIS) it is really heartwarming to watch esports growing in India. 

To sum up, this will be a worth-watching event, so don’t forget to join the stream on time!
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