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Godlike Ghatak reveals the main reason for BGIS delay

In a recent stream, Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare revealed the main reason for BGIS delay. 

Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare is an Esports player/coach for the most elite team of Battlegrounds Mobile India, GodLike. One of the fans asked him the reason behind BGIS delay. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series or BGIS is the first official open tournament of BGMI. Moreover, it has a whopping prize pool of one crore INR. Since the start of registrations, fans are eagerly waiting for its start. However, Krafton keeps delaying it. 

Ghatak reveals the reason for BGIS delay 

In a stream, viewers asked Ghatak why BGIS and Ghatak’s tournament for underdogs is delaying. He answered that the reason for the delay of both the tournaments is the same. Krafton is working on an update to ban all the hackers in the game. 

After the release of BGMI, the number of hackers in the game has surged. This ruins the game of all the players who play completely fair. Hackers in games always ruin the game experience for the players. 

However, starting a huge tournament like BGIS at the same time is unfair. Hence, Krafton is working on an update to ban all the hackers. When the number of hackers in the game will significantly reduce, Krafton will start BGIS.

Further, Ghatak mentioned that the invited teams will only get two chances to secure their BGIS journey. So, it is very important for them to win those matches. Besides, if they get matched up with a hacker in those two matches, it will be very unfair for those teams. 

The cheaters using hacks are developing along with the anti-cheat system. Hence, it is of utmost importance to develop the anti-cheat system. Therefore, Krafton is currently focusing on developing the anti-cheat system to ban all hackers. 

The reason for BGIS delay is legitimate. All the players would like to wait for some time and play a fair game rather than not waiting and playing an unfair game against hackers. Hackers are a huge problem in the game. However, Krafton noticing it and doing something about it is a great sign towards fair play.

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