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MEITY said “PUBG Mobile” and “BGMI” are not the same in response to PIL filed to ban BGMI

Mr Anil Stevenson Jangam, an advocate from Hyderabad, filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) to permanently ban BGMI in the Telangana High Court. In response to it, MEITY said “PUBG Mobile” and “BGMI” are not the same.

On the other hand, Prahar, an NGO from Assam, appeals to the Government for banning BGMI. They further said that BGMI and PUBG Mobile are the same with Tencent controlling BGMI in the background.

MEITY’s Response to PIL

N. Samaya Balan, representing MEITY, filed a detailed affidavit in response to a PIL filed to ban BGMI. This affidavit says that PUBG Mobile and BGMI are not the same, and only the government can restrict computer resources. 

Further, the MEITY informed Telangana High Court that they have not received any request for banning BGMI.

Prahar, an NGO from Assam, appeals to the Government to Ban BGMI

PRAHAR, an NGO from Assam, appealed to the government to ban BGMI. They said that BGMI is the PUBG rebrand, and Tencent owns it.

Prahar says the following, requesting a ban on BGMI.

“We, request your ministry to include Chinese app BGMI-PUBG among the list of banned apps in India under Section 69A of the IT Act in the interest of sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of the state, and public order and save millions of unsuspecting players from falling prey into the Chinese trap.”

“Free Fire was another gaming app that was banned on 14 February. Since Tencent also holds an 18.7% share in Free Fire, it raises a basic question: If the government banned Free Fire, why exempt BGMI-PUBG?”

“In the ‘so-called new avatar,’ BGMI-PUBG is no different from the erstwhile PUBG with Tencent still controlling it in the background.”

“Such camouflage activities are nothing but Ravana disguised as a Sadhu.”

First, the government banned PUBG Mobile, the most popular mobile game at the time in India, in September 2020. Then, the government banned Free Fire, the most popular mobile game at the time in India, in February 2022. And now, various people are requesting to ban BGMI. If such action persists, the Indian gaming and esports industry will depress its value.

All the gaming companies and organisations will withdraw their business from India. Ultimately, India won’t be able to develop its gaming and esports ecosystem. Although the government has not yet made the decision, it is something we should pay attention to as a community. 

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