Most Awaited Upcoming Games For Mobile devices.

Mobile Gaming has become more popular in past years. Various game-developing companies are now designing and encoding new mobile games. Know about the upcoming mobile games in India:

Game No 1: PUBG New State

Krafton Inc. is developing a new mobile game PUBG New State. Krafton released the trailer in February 2021.

(image Via: Krafton)

The game is predicted to launch in the later months of 2021. The trailer is thrilling, taking PUBG to a next level.  PUBG New State has already recorded over 10 Million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store.

Krafton says, “the game is beyond Battle Royale.” Therefore, the game will definitely have something different.

PUBG New State will start the alpha testing in the second quarter of 2021 in some limited regions.

However, there is no news of PUBG New State releasing in India

Game No 2: Wild Rift

Riot is developing their new mobile game from their famous PC game — League of Legends. It is a battle arena multiplayer game.

Somewhere in mid-2021, we will get to play the mobile game. Wild Rift promises smooth controls and fast-paced games.

(image Via: Riot Games)

Moreover, we may see it in Esports scenarios of mobile games too. 

Riot has plans for organising Esports along with ESL Gaming. 

Game No 3: Apex Legends Mobile

Respawn Ent. (EA Sports) will launch Apex Legends Mobile this year. 

The beta testing of the game is about to begin in India and the Philippines. 

It is a competitive battle royale game that can give competition to popular mobile games like PUBG.

(image Via: EA Games)

The mobile version will be much similar to that of PC. Pre-registrations for the game have already started. 

Game No 4: SICO

Indic Arena is developing SICO  —  a multiplayer action game having FPS mode with different maps. The game is all set to release in May.

(image Via: Indic Arena )

This game is more about surviving rather than fighting. Know more about SICO here. The pre-registrations have started on the Google Play Store. Till now, the developers have released a map “Vanam” based on the forest area.

Game No 5: Battlefield

EA DICE developed Battlefield for PC and consoles. After the game’s success, EA is working on Battlefield Mobile. The game will launch in 2022.

(image Via: EA Games)

The game is entirely different from the PC and console versions. DICE will start the game’s beta testing soon. 

DICE is making Battlefield Mobile skill-based, and we can expect it to be a part of Esports too.

After observing the increasing trend of mobile gaming and mobile esports, clearly, there will be a huge variety of games in upcoming years.

The mobile gaming industry is all set to grow to an extremely high level. Esports will have new mobile games soon.

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