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Mr Beast May Collab With S8UL Esports As He Arrives in India 

Mr Beast ‘s collab with S8UL Esports is a possible moment which may arrive soon. Fans are super excited as he recently landed in India for the very first time. 

Famous YouTuber MrBeast has come to India for the very first time. He recently posted an Instagram story about this, which has hyped the entire gaming community. 

We may see him collaborating with famous Indian YouTubers and Content Creators. 

A few days back, Animesh ‘Thug’ Agarwal, co-owner of S8UL Esports Tweeted that Mr Beast should collaborate with someone in India since it may become one of the most-viewed videos.

Replying to Thug, Mr Beast said – “I’m down, who should I collab with?”  

Mr Beast Collab With S8UL :

Thug further proposed a discussion on possible collabs with the famous streamers in India. 

He also mentioned that S8UL Esports and its team can help him out as they are nominated as content team of the year at Esports Awards 2022. 

S8UL has 50+ creators and can connect him with 100+ others easily for execution.

Fans are wondering if Mr Beast can collaborate with S8UL Esports. The Esports Awards 2022 have nominated an Indian content creator group for the first time. So, this big collaboration can be a plus point for S8UL.  

About MrBeast :

Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast is a famous American YouTuber. His channel is the fifth most-subscribed channel on YouTube.

He has been creating content around various fields for a long time. Meanwhile, in gaming, made videos on Minecraft and Call of Duty : Black Ops Cold War. 

His collaboration with Indian streamers will be an iconic one. We will hear more announcements if he creates something with S8UL.

To sum up, there could be some amazing content cooking inside the gaming community. Fans may get to watch something huge very soon.

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