Nerf Chamber

Riot to Nerf Chamber and Make Changes to Fade and Cypher

According to the State of the Agents blog post, Riot will soon nerf Chamber and make changes to Fade, and Cypher.

The developers said that Chamber is “too powerful, and he’s a must-pick on many more maps.” As a result, he will get a nerf soon. The developers also said that they will tune Fade’s utilities and are “looking closely at Cypher to figure out what updates he might need.”

Developers on upcoming Chamber Nerf

Chamber is the most prominent Sentinel in Valorant, and he is overtaking the role. Although the developers recently hit Chamber with massive nerfs, they believe “there is still work to be done,” after seeing his performance in Valorant Champions 2022. They are planning to nerf him in such a way that the disadvantages of choosing him will be more apparent to ensure that the best players don’t always favour him.

Chamber currently has the highest pick rate in Valorant Champions 2022, and he is picked on almost every map. As a result, the developers believe that he is still overpowered and needs a nerf.

Fade Changes

Before the release of Fade, Sova was the most chosen initiator and was the most preferred recon agent. However, Fade has changed the scenario. Fade was the second most picked agent in the Valorant Champions 2022, replacing Sova on most of the maps. The developers believe that she is “overperforming” in some areas, like clearing spaces. As a result, they will tune her utilities.

Cypher Changes

On the other hand, Cypher has the lowest pick rate of any sentinel in Champions 2022, coming in at 6.92 percent. Riot didn’t give any further details, but he might get some changes in the future. The blog reads, “We’re closely watching Cypher to determine what updates he might need to find his proper place on the Sentinel roster.” 

The upcoming Chamber nerfs will surely make all the Chamber mains sad. However, it is necessary to nerf him to balance the game. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see what changes Fade and Cypher get.

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