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A New Video Might Be Teasing The New Apex Legends Map

Respawn has recently released a new video that might potentially tease the new Apex Legends map. The video features a reporter, Lisa Stone, interviewing Obi Edolasim, also known as Seer.

The reporter asks Seer a lot of questions regarding his home planet Boreas. After Seer fails to answer a few difficult questions and a few indirect accusations, Seer leaves the interview.

Seer’s Interview Might Be Teasing The New Apex Legends Map

The interview starts with an introduction of the interviewer and interviewee. After the introduction, the reporter asks why he chose “Seer” as his ring name. He responds, “I wanted something that reflected going past the mundane to see the truth at its core.” 

Later, the interview moves toward the destruction of Boreas’ moon caused by a “calamitous gaze.” Further, the reporter added that the moon’s destruction has led to an increase in devastating weather patterns, dying ecosystems, shortage of food, and more. 

The reporter bombards Seer with multiple harsh questions regarding Boreas, which Seer fails to answer. As a result, Seer leaves the interview, and the interview cuts to a story about the success of Silva Pharmaceuticals, ending the video. 

The teaser video most likely serves as a teaser for additional Seer lore content in season 14, but others believe it may also be a teaser for a new map. Leakers discovered nine more legends and a battle royale map in March. The title of the leaked map, “Divided Moon,” corresponds with the lengthy explanation of Boreas’ moon in the interview video. The reporter indirectly accuses Seer of these disasters. 

Since the leaks, more hints have suggested the presence of a map with a Boreas theme, such as a magazine in the brand-new Clinic POI on Olympus with the headline “Boreas news: CRC in an impasse about the moon’s destiny.” The same magazine also suggests Kings Canyon upgrades.

The New Apex Legends Map piques the interest of the entire community. Furthermore, these teasers and leaks only increase the hype. It will be interesting to see whether these leaks are accurate. For more updates and the latest news, follow our Instagram page and stay tuned to our website.

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