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PUBG Mobile: The New Game Mode Traverse Insectoid

PUBG Mobile brings unique modes with every update. The new game mode Traverse Insectoid is live now. It is a PUBG event mode for the Erangel map. In this mode, players can transform into tiny insects. 

The Godzilla vs KingKong event ended on June 9, 2021. After that, the Traverse Insectoid mode came.

Traverse Insectoid Mode:

Season 19 is based on the Insects theme. In contrast, the 100 RP outfits look like insects. Players can turn into a little Insectoid that can fly and travel through wormholes in the Traverse – Insectoid mode. 

(Image Cr: Tencent Games)

Five “labs” will spawn on Erangel during this mode, which can be seen on the minimap. The Quantum Transformation Device, the Energy Store, and the Wormhole Device will all be present in these laboratories. Each one serves a unique purpose.

As an Insectoid, you’ll have a unique weapon and the ability to fly at a low altitude. Only other Insectoids can be harmed with these weapons. 

Insectoids are also unaffected by standard firearms. Players in their normal shape, on the other hand, will be able to damage Insectoids with pans.

Players will be able to find Luminators dispersed over the map while in Insectoid form.

How to transform:

  • Simply go to any Lab on the map. 
  • You will see a transformation device, use it for becoming an insectoid or returning to normal.
(Image Cr: Tencent Games)
  • You can teleport between the labs using the Wormhole Device.
  • Collect the Luminator by getting orbs of light or defeating other insectoids. 
  • Use them to redeem supplies from the Luminator Redemption Device.  

Moreover, Tencent had recently added a new map ‘Hangar’ to the arenas. The new map has intense close range combat. Subsequently, the McLaren car skins also came along. 

To sum up, the Traverse Insectoid is a time-limited event. It will be available till July 5, 2021.

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