New Map Taego in PUBG : Everything You Need to Know About

Krafton will introduce a new map Taego in PUBG PC. However, some images were leaked before the announcement. They revealed the map on YouTube yesterday. 

About New Map Taego:

Taego is an 8km X 8km map. It will have a new landing mechanic. Earlier, the leaks suggested its name to be ‘Tiger’. 

After a very long time, a large map is arriving in PUBG PC. The map somewhat looks like Erangel. But it has big buildings and city areas too. 

(Image Cr: Krafton)

There are a lot of trees on the map, so sniping isn’t possible. It seems like a combination of Erangel and Sanhok’s greenery.

It also has some beautiful locations –

(Image Cr: Krafton)

In contrast, it may have a “Gulag” system. This means, if you die in the match, you can come back by playing a short 1v1 against an enemy who died recently.  

New Map Taego: Date

On the test servers, the game could arrive near June 25, 2021. 

The new map Taego arrives in PC version on July 7, 2021. Moreover, on consoles, it will come on July 15, 2021.


PUBG for PC and consoles received a huge update earlier this month that remastered the Miramar map. Krafton gave a visual makeover, incorporating technology and techniques utilised in the creation of newer maps such as Haven and Paramo.

The El Solitario Collaboration, a new Season for Ranked, the new Weapon Skin Upgrade system, a new weapon, a new vehicle, and a new ball are all included in PUBG’s 12.1 update for players to play around with in the lobby island while waiting for the match to start.

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