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Apex Legends: New Map ‘Tropic Island’ Might Arrive in Season 11

Apex Legends will have a new map soon. Many data miners have revealed the details about the new map. The map is ‘Tropic Island.’ Moreover, it will arrive in Season 11.

Respawn has previously delivered entirely new Apex Legends maps in the shape of World’s Edge in Season 3 and Olympus in Season 7.

New Map ‘Tropic Island’:

Respawn will make an official announcement about season 11 and the map soon. There are a few leaked details about the upcoming map.

In addition, the game files include a set of graphics for a new Trident, the hovercraft that debuted accompanying Olympus.

Mud-covered surfaces distinguish the  ‘Hover Vehicle Tropics,’ from the existing vehicles.

The Tropic Island map might alternatively be situated on the planet Gaea, with Carthage spiders serving as a “permanent map element and threat.”

Also, so many files came along with Apex Legends Season 10. So, we can say that Respawn has been working on it for a long time.

Because there have been several references to this in the episodic Apex Legends comics from each season, the new map’s location is expected to be Gaea, the home planet of Rampart, Caustic, and Crypto.

Some data miners just leaked this information. An official announcement can only give confirmation of the news.  

Apex Legends is now even more popular. Streamers and gamers love this game. Also, the dev team adds new maps, modes and characters every season.

Season 10 ‘Emergence’ was amazing. It brought a new hero ‘Seer’ to the game. There were updates to World’s Edge map and a new Weapon Rampage LMG. 

Players regarded Seer’s Heart Seeker skill as overpowered. This allows him to see and hear the heartbeats of adjacent enemies. 

A thrilling update with a new map is about to arrive soon.

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