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New State Mobile Gets a Boost in India After BGMI Ban

New State Mobile has just got a significant boost in India. After the BGMI Ban, players have started trying other games, and New State is one of them.

The government of India has banned Battlegrounds Mobile India under the IT Act. BGMI was using Chinese servers directly or indirectly, so to ensure security, govt. took this step.

After the ban, many players are now seeking some alternatives to play. Even Free Fire is banned in India. So, we are left with a few battle royale games like Apex Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile and New State Mobile.

These days, New State has gained a lot of attention from the fans and streamers too. Streamers like Ultron and Mavi are now playing and streaming New State on YouTube.

New State Tournaments :

Tesseract Esports is hosting scrims from 9 August for New State. 16 invited teams will join these scrims. 

According to sources, Villager Esports will organise a tournament with a prize pool of about 5 lakh INR. It will go live between 14th to 17th August.   

New State Mobile :

However, when Tencent launched the game in 2021, there was great hype for it. This hype among players was obvious as their first game, PUBG Mobile has been a super hit worldwide.

With drum rolls of millions of pre-registrations, the game launched as “PUBG : New State”. The game launched globally on 11 November 2021. 

But the Indian audience remained quite influenced by BGMI. They rejected the game as it couldn’t match their expectations. 

Unlike BGMI, New State is more like PUBG PC version. It has a futuristic theme which makes it different from other games. The game is successful globally, but in India, very few people continued playing it.     

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The chances of returning to BGMI are low. So players are currently playing New State Mobile since it has the basic similarities with BGMI in a new avatar. 

In conclusion, the popularity of New State can bring it into the esports scenario, which can bring new events and opportunities for players. For BGMI, fans will have to wait patiently. 

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