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New State Mobile Teases Upcoming Map in its New Beta Program

The developer of New State Mobile, Krafton, has revealed the new beta program for the game. In this beta program, limited players will be allowed to experience the upcoming content of the game before the official release. 

The new beta program goes by the name New State Labs and will be available soon for a select group of players. Moreover, Krafton has teased a new map named AKINTA in this program.

Krafton Announced New State Labs

Krafton announced the New State Mobile’s beta test program, New State Labs, and it will soon be accessible to a select group of players. Players will be able to test out and give feedback on the upcoming content of the game before it goes through this beta program.

Players of New State Mobile have been anticipating the beta test since the game’s release. The developers used to obtain feedback via social media regarding various problems the game encountered in its early stages. As a result, they used to patch them with small updates.

The developers can now receive feedback before launching the content to the main version of the game. The New State Labs will bridge the communication gap between players and developers, and allow the developers to offer better updates. 

New State Mobile Teased Akinta for New State Labs

The game, originally, came with two maps, i.e., Troi and Erangel. Krafton teased the upcoming map in January 2022 without revealing its name. 

However, the developers have revealed the name of the map as ‘AKINTA: Bounty Royale’ with the announcement of New State Labs. The teaser shares a preview of some of the locations on the upcoming map.

A beta program like New State Labs was much necessary to improve the updates of the game. The program will help the developers to get seamless feedback from players and work on it before releasing the content to the main game. Furthermore, the new map looks fascinating, and the entire community is excited about its release.

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