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Clash of Clans upcoming update brings a new super troop.

The upcoming update of Clash of Clans released this month will bring a new super troop. This update brings a lot of new features. However, the most exciting thing about the update is the new upcoming super troop, Rocket Balloon. 

As the name suggests, it is the super and enhanced version of Balloon. Moreover, this troop has rockets attached to it which will massively increase the speed of the balloons. This Balloon also does more damage than the normal Balloon. 

This super troop does splash damage by throwing bombs on the building like the normal Balloon. Also, when destroyed, it does splash damage to the buildings beneath it. In addition, the favourite targets of Rocket Balloon are defences. However, it requires 25,000 Darl Elixir to unlock the Rocket Balloon for three days. 

Clash of Clans: Rocket Balloon Stats

LevelDPSDamage when destroyedHitpointsTraining Cost (Elixir)Training Time (sec)

Other changes

Besides this, the new update will include new building levels, new trap levels, new troop levels and additional wall segments.

New building levels

BuildingLevelUpgrade costUpgrade timeHPDPS
Archer Tower2017.5 million gold17 days1700140
Wizard Tower1418.2 million gold18 days290090
Air Defense1218 million gold18 days1600480
Barracks15Six million Elixir11 days1150

New trap levels

TrapLevelUpgrade costUpgrade timeDPSRadius
Giant BombEightNine million gold11 days400Four tiles
Air BombNineSeven million goldNine days290Three tiles

New troop level

TroopLevelUpgrade costUpgrade timeDPSDamage when destroyedHPTraining cost
DragonNine18.5 million Elixir18 days350450026,000 Elixir
Balloon1018 million Elixir18 days27635210406,500 Elixir
Electro DragonFive19 million Elixir18 days360630480044,000 Elixir

More wall segments

This update will allow the players at Townhall 14 to upgrade 50 more wall segments to level 15.

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