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Riot to release a new Valorant agent with patch 3.0 with balance to other agents

Valorant fans expected a new Valorant agent with the patch 2.08. However, with patch 2.08, Riot only released a new map and not the agent.

The character producer for Riot Games, John Goscicki, discussed the agents on State of the Agents blog post. He revealed that the new agent will be coming with patch 3.0. Moreover, he also mentioned that Breach, Skye, Yoru, and Astra will be balanced in the upcoming patch 3.0 update.

With patch 2.08, Valorant developers started an aggressive approach to balance all the agents, starting with Viper. Before patch 2.06, Viper was the least picked agent in professional games as well as in casual games. However, after the buff, the pick rate of Viper was tremendously increased.

Earlier, Viper was too weak as compared to other controllers in the game. Hence, developers had to buff her in order to balance her. Likewise, developers will be using the same approach with other agents as well. 

New Valorant agent

John Goscicki did not reveal much about the new Valorant agent. However, he offered some hints about the agent’s abilities. He said this agent will force you to “rely on your gunplay.”

Goscicki said “This time around we are throwing in some abilities that should feel familiar to folks who’ve played traditional FPS games their whole lives, but with added elements that will make those recognizable abilities unique within our roster,”

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The new Valorant agent may have abilities that render other players’ abilities useless, making them engage simply with guns. Players would not have to worry about smokes, flashes, or mollies, as they would in Deathmatch mode. Riot, on the other hand, has not confirmed anything.

Breach and Skye

Further, the blog post also mentioned that Breach and Skye will be provided with more self sufficiency. In essence, the developers will focus more on the other abilities of these agents rather than just flashes. 


It also mentioned that developers are trying to make Yoru’s abilities more powerful. They are trying to make Yoru’s fakeout a “more impactful ability.”


In the North America region, Astra is a hot topic right now. Players have been complaining that Astra is too versatile. Moreover, her abilities are too strong and have very little counter play. 

Episode Two, Act Three has only 23 days left, players can expect the new episode to hit the live servers soon. It will be exciting to see what changes the new episode brings. 

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