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Riot Games Teases The New Valorant Map Pearl 

The New Valorant Map Pearl is just around the corner, with teasers and leaks emerging on social media. Riot Games previously codenamed the map Pitt will now go by the name Pearl. 

Riot Games has leaked multiple teasers about the new map on its social media handles. According to the teasers, the new map will feature a city covered by a Geodome, most likely wholly underwater. 

Everything We Know About The New Valorant Map Pearl So Far 

The teasers of the new map show some Portuguese references in it. It offers a street full of light and confetti, which indicates some kind of celebration. This street features the same poster Riot teased last week. The poster reads, “DIA DO SANTUÁRIO,” which means ‘SANCTUARY DAY’ in Portuguese. This location can be a potential area on the upcoming map. Furthermore, the poster shows an underwater city, and the title of the first poster teaser is ‘Prepare to dive.’

A Riot Games developer, Cynprel, also tweeted that the teasers for the eight maps can be found in Fracture emails. Furthermore, the emails indicate that the upcoming map will be an underwater geodome.

Email 1: From Aurora to her Uncle Rúben. 

Hi Uncle Rúben!

“I know you can’t get messages right now because “top secret saving the world blah blah whatever,” so you probably won’t even see this until you’re already home, but my soccer team made playoffs! Tidal forecast says we might even get to open the geo dome for the matches ^^

I’ll score a goal for you.

~ Aurora <3″

Email 2: Uncle Rúben’s response to Aurora’s email. 

“Hearing about your world was incredible! I can’t believe you have a city-wide geo dome… Truly a modern wonder. 

– Oran

ps – Did you see “tie guy?” He gave me a business card that looks more expensive than my whole wardrobe.”

These teasers might indicate that Pearl will be an area in Portuguese or Brazil located underwater or near the coastline. A geodome will cover the area to protect it from water or water impact.

The New Valorant Map Pearl Release Date

Pearl will go live with Episode 4, Act 3 of the game. The current Act will end on the 22nd of June, and the new Act will begin on the 23rd of June in South Asia and Southeast Asia. 

Riot Games has created a tremendous hype about the new Valorant map Pearl. It will be exciting to see all the features of the new map. Furthermore, the early access to the new Act will be out soon, so you can watch your favorite streamer play the map before it hits the live servers. For latest updates and news, stay tuned to Esports91.

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