Next Valorant Night Market

Next Valorant Night Market will go live on the 20th of July

The Next Valorant Night Market will hit the live servers on the 20th of July, i.e., tomorrow. The Night Market feature is similar to the ‘Your Shop’ feature from League of Legends. 

The Night Market offers all the players a chance to get skins at discounted prices. However, all the players will get a different set of skins. 

Next Valorant Night Market will run for 14 days

According to a recent tweet by PlayVALORANT, the night market will start on the 20th of July and end on the 2nd of August. The Holiday Night Market in December 2021 lasted for 21 days, but this night market will only last for 14 days. Players can purchase discounted skins available in the Night Market any time in those 14 days.

You will be able to see your options of skins once the Night Market is available in the game. You have to click on each card to reveal your discounted skin under it after opening the Market. Expecting any skin collections that have been released in the last two months is hopeless because the Night Market does not feature recent skin releases.

It is important to know that all the skins in the Night Market are user specific and completely  random. Unlike League of Legends, every player will get a set of different skins randomly and not by their account activity. Players can only reveal those sets of skins only after the Night Market has started. Once the skins are revealed, the Market cannot be refreshed or changed. Players will have to buy or skin the skin featured in the first reveal itself. 

The Night Market returns to the game every two weeks for fourteen days (except holiday Night Market). Next Valorant Night Market will be a great opportunity for all the players to get their favourite skins at the lowest price possible. For more updates and the latest news, follow our Instagram page and stay tuned to our website.

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