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Nodwin Gaming Acquires IPs of OML Entertainment for Rs 73 Crore

Nodwin Gaming today announced that they are acquiring the gaming and IP business of OML Entertainment. They took these IPs (intellectual property) for Rs 73 Crores. 

Mr Ajay Nair is the managing director of OML. He would join Nodwin Gaming’s team. Nodwin will handle all the game events and OML’s IPs.

Following OML Entertainment’s IPs will be acquired by Nodwin Gaming –

  1. Bacardi NH7 Weekender
  2. YouTube Fan Fest
  3. Breezer Vivid Shuffle (which is India’s biggest hip-hop league)


Sidharth Kedia, the CEO of Nodwin Gaming said, “What we have been seeing over the past few years is that there’s a big convergence happening between comedy, music and gaming.”

“We’re getting access to some of the IPs that OML has created specifically for the youth, where there is a big crossover of gaming, music and comedy. We’re also getting access to all the talent which is now increasingly focusing on gaming. Those are the businesses that we’re acquiring from OML,” he added.

Mr Akshat Rathee is Nodwin Gaming’s co-founder and managing director. He stated that the interests of the business are in obtaining IPs from OML. Therefore it may develop “multi-stage” games “musical, comedic, and gaming events.

He went on to say that the acquisition will aid in the “massification” of the company “India is a hotbed for e-sports and gaming.

In contrast, Nodwin Gaming is hosting various esports events in India. They recently managed VCC in the SEA region.

Also, Krafton made a good investment of Rs 164 Crores in the company.


Only Much Louder (OML) Entertainment is an Indian media and entertainment company. Moreover it partners with global creators to build content, IPs & live experiences.

They work with famous comedians like Tanmay Bhat, who create gaming content on their channels. 

In conclusion, OML wants to work and create great content with Nodwin Gaming. They said that they want to bring their content to OTT platforms too.

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