Nodwin Gaming and Star Sports

Nodwin Gaming and Star Sports Partners to Air BGMI Tournaments on Television

Nodwin Gaming and Star Sports partnered to air live BGMI tournaments on television. The first tournament ever to air on television will be the Battleground Master Series 2022.

The Battleground Master Series 2022 will start on the 24 of June and end on the 17 of July. The series features a massive prize pool of INR 1.5 crore and will be aired on Star Sports 2 live from Nodwin Gaming Studio. Furthermore, Nodwin Gaming will broadcast itt in three languages– English, Hindi, and Tamil. 

The Nodwin Gaming and Star Sports Partnership Will Boost Esports in India

During the mid-2000s, most internet gaming was in the form of social games. However, now India has become a volume-driven tale, thanks to increased internet penetration and smartphone usage.

In 2016, the online gaming market saw tremendous growth, with 120 million online gamers and a market value of 290 million USD. The spread of low-cost smartphones among urban and rural populations was the primary driver of market volume. Developers generate income through in-app purchases, pay-per-download, subscription services, and so on, while the ecosystem generates revenue through in-app advertising, incentive-based advertising, and so on. 

Being a rising industry, the partnership between Nodwin Gaming and Star Sports will surely boost gaming and esports in India. It will build awareness of Esports amongst the general audience. 

In October 2021, Nodwin Gaming partnered with PVR Cinemas to stream live Esports tournaments on the big screen. This partnership brought much attention from mainstream media to the gaming industry. Recently, Nodwin Gaming partnered with Star Sports to air BGMI tournaments live on television.

This attention from the mainstream media has put the industry on the radar of many new potential investors. We anticipate new endorsement deals and more international organizations coming to the Indian Gaming industry soon.

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The partnership between Nodwin Gaming and Star Sports has the potential to build awareness amongst the general audience. The partnership will severely boost the Esports industry and create more opportunities in Esports and Gaming. Furthermore, people will acknowledge the various career opportunities Esports and Gaming fosters. 

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