Nova Esports Wins PMGC 2021

Nova Esports Wins PMGC 2021 – Results, Overall Standings & MVP

Nova Esports Wins PMGC 2021. Nova won the Global Championship for the second time in a row. They dominated all the other teams with their skills and gameplay.  

On the other hand, GodLike Esports finally took everyone’s attention in the final match of the day! In contrast, they won the fight against Nova Esports to win the Chicken Dinner in the final match. 

Nova Esports Wins PMGC 2021

Nova Esports Wins PMGC 2021 with an overall 222 points. The team showed consistency from day 1. 

They already made a big difference in the points table that teams could cover-up. Nova’s gameplay and rotations were very important factors in their win.

PMGC 2021 : Overall Standings


PMGC 2021 : MVP

Zeng ‘Order’ Zehai became the MVP of the tournament. ‘Order’ is a dynamic player, taking 49 kills and giving a damage of 7793 in the event! 


PMGC 2021 : Overview 

All the teams avoided early fights on the final day. Moreover, there was a  close fight between the teams who were top 5. Nigma Galaxy, Natus Vincere and S2G Esports tried hard to climb the leaderboard.

GodLike Esports :

The final match was Erangel. Saumya ‘Saumraj’ Raj replaced ‘Neyoo’ in the last two games. It was his first international match, and he gave a spectacular performance.

GodLike won the last match and thus, the event ended on a good note for all the Indian fans. The team represented India, fought and gave their best. Although everything didn’t turn out in our favour, the team made us proud. 

To sum up, BGMI Esports in India is still growing. The competition level is now very high and our teams are getting better with every experience. Some day, very soon, we will win!

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