Nova Esports Wins Wild Rift Icons 2022

Nova Esports Wins Wild Rift Icons 2022

Nova Esports have become the first ever world champions of Wild Rift Icons Global Championship. They defeated J Team with a score of 4-0. 

During the entire tournament Nova stayed consistent with their performance. In contrast, they did not lose a single match of Play-in and Group stage.

The Wild Rift Icons Globals Championship featured a prize pool of $2 million. It took place at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Center in Singapore.

Nova Esports Vs J Team :

The grand finals of the first ever official Wild Rift event concluded on 9th July 2022. All the matches at the Knockouts were Best of 5, except the grand finals, which were best of 7. 

Nova won by winning 4 consecutive rounds, totally dominating over their opponents. An ‘Long’ Xulong and Wei ‘Nian’ Haojin emerged as the MVPs of the match. 

Placements and Prize Distribution :

  1. Nova Esports – $640,000
  2. J Team – $320,000
  3. FunPlus Phoenix – $160,000
  4. Team Flash – $160,000

About Wild Rift Icons 2022 : 

The Wild Rift Icons Global Championship (also referred as Icons) is the year’s culminating event in Wild Rift esports and the Wild Rift global championship. 

The event started on 14th June with the Play-in Stage. 

24 teams from different regions made their way to this iconic event. At the Knockouts stage, the best 8 teams competed in a single-elimination bracket.  

Notably, the four Chinese teams, namely Nova Esports, FPX, J Team, and JD Gaming, all managed to reach the semi-finals. So Riot seeded them in four different groups in which they succeeded to win.

Nova defeated KT Rolster, a Korean team, then FPX and J Team which are from China. With their win, they have proved themselves the best team in the world. 

To sum up, the Wild Rift Esports 2022 concludes with this event. Riot will host many more tournaments next year. Also, they may come-up with a new esports roadmap as the game becomes more popular. 
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