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“NUSA” – A New Map to Arrive in PUBG Mobile Soon

PUBG Mobile New Map ‘Nusa’ is arriving super soon in the game. This time, Tencent is adding another small map to the game. 

After a long time, PUBG Mobile is getting a brand new map – ‘Nusa’. It will be specific to the mobile version only and it would bring a new experience for the players.

The PUBG Mobile Pro League MY/SG/PH (Malysia, Singapore, Philippines) is live now. Tencent officially revealed Nusa during the Day 2 of the country finals for the event.

Here are all the details you need to know about Nusa – 

PUBG New Map Nusa : Features

PUBG New Map Nusa will be a quite smaller map as compared to Erangel. Erangel is an 8 X 8 km classic map. While other smaller maps include Livik and Karakin which are 2 X 2 km in area. 

Nusa will be the smallest among all, that is, a 1 X 1 km map for the first time. The casters in PMPL announced some details of the map. 

According to them, the map will have some beautiful places to explore. A secret Cave, a big mansion with 3 swimming pools and a New Monster Truck will be the key features of Nusa.

Although we have seen Monster Trucks on Livik, we may see something new for Nusa. In addition, it will bring new weapons for the players. The NS 200 is an upcoming shotgun whose details are yet to be revealed.

Try Nusa in Beta :

Meanwhile, the Nusa map is available in the PUBG Mobile global beta version. 

Several YouTubers have posted videos about the new map, showing players what to expect. Nusa appears to be a lovely tropical island, with greenery in some areas, alpine terrain, and scenic coastline.

Map will also feature a new quad bike and zip lines like Livik. It will be a 32-player lobby with a fast-paced match. Tencent will announce more details about the map soon. 

To sum up, this smallest map will be exciting to play as it will have new locations and more teams in lesser areas. 

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