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Orangutan Wins BMOC The Grind Grand Finals 2022 : Placements & More

BMOC The Grind – Finals ended on 17 April 2022 after a lot of intense fights. Orangutan emerged as the champion of the event. 

Since day 1, the event was full of exciting matches. Orangutan gave a consistent performance with finishes as well as placement points. The team has maintained their position since day 3. 

Team Soul also showed its aggressive gameplay. While coming to the final matches, the team took a lot of points and climbed the points table again.

Orangutan Won with 266 points . Team Soul took the second position (247 points). Orange Rock was not far behind as they took the third spot with 229 points.

TSM Ninja became the MVP with 49 finishes. 

Orangutan have been the talk of the town for their incredible gameplay. They stayed on the top of the points table since day 3. 

Orangutan consists of the following players –

  1. Ash 
  2. Believe
  3. Drigger
  4. AK
  5. WizzGod

BMOC The Grind : Placements 

Following are the placements and prize distribution –

  1. Orangutan – Rs 1,50,00
  2. Team Soul – Rs 75,000
  3. Orange Rock – Rs 50,000

MVP – Rs 40,000

BMOC : What’s Next?

In addition, Krafton will announce the results of the in-game qualifiers on 17 April. Selected teams may receive the emails anytime now. A total of 512 teams will qualify.

Further, there will be 3 qualifier rounds before the invited teams enter the event.

Round 4 :

Teams – 64 (32 qualified teams + 32 invited teams )

Groups – 4

Matches – 6

Qualifying teams – 24 (6 from each group)

The invited teams, most probably, will be the same 32 teams from The Grind.

In conclusion, all the top teams have performed well in BMOC. However, this was just a practice round. Things might change a lot in BMOC and BMPS where we will see more emerging teams from all over India.

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