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Paper Rex Wins VCT APAC Challengers Stage 2 : 2022

Paper Rex has won the VCT APAC Stage 2 against Xerxia. They won the finals by 3-0. 

The next stage will be Masters 2.

With this, both Paper Rex and Xerxia have qualified for VCT Masters 2. Riot will host a LAN in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Apac Stage 2 knockouts featured top 8 teams of the region. All matches were Bo3 except the Grand Finals which were Bo5.

Paper Rex Vs Xerxia

Paper Rex did not lose a single map and won with a clean sweep against Xerxia.

Following maps were played —

  1. Icebox (13-8)
  2. Fracture (13-4)
  3. Breeze (13-5)

However, Xerxia’s performance was quite appreciable. Even after they lost their first match against Team Secret in the upper bracket, they did not give up. 

They defeated every team in the lower bracket and even Team Secret in the lower bracket finals!

They truly deserve the slot to the Masters 2. 

Prize distribution —

The event had a prize pool worth $150,000 USD. 

  1. PaperRex – $30,000
  2. Xerxia – $20,000
  3. Team Secret – $12,500

VCT Masters 2 :

VCT Masters Copenhagen will go live on 10 July 2022 along with the top 12 teams from various regions. 

It will run until 24 July. 

After a very long time, there will be a live audience at a VCT LAN. Riot will begin the ticket sale near 10 July.

The event venue will be the Forum, Copenhagen. Here’s the schedule of the tournament —

22 July  (Friday) – 

Upper Bracket Final & Lower Bracket Semifinal

23 July (Saturday) – Lower Bracket Final

24 July(Sunday) – Grand Finals


Almost all the slots for Masters 2 have been locked in. The following teams have made their way to the event –

  1. Paper Rex
  2. Xerxia
  3. Fnatic
  4. FunPlus Phoenix
  5. Guild Esports
  6. DRX
  7. Optic Gaming
  8. XSet 
  9. Northeption

The remaining 3 slots are for Brazil, LATAM and South America Challengers.

This event will give circuit points to the teams. The teams with the highest points will play at Champions in Istanbul.

To sum up, the first ever LAN in Denmark will be thrilling to watch. The live audience will make it spectacular.

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