PMCO 2021

Tencent disqualified many teams for using bugs during PMCO Qualifiers.

Krafton has disqualified many teams for exploiting a new bug during the PMCO Qualifiers match. Players found an unfair advantage by using this bug. However, Krafton has found and fixed the bug.

Tencent has mandated every player to install anti-cheat software to prevent the issue of cheating during PMCO matches. This anti-cheat software is known as GAC App. However, cheaters still managed to find a bug and exploit it for an unfair advantage during the qualification matches.

Cheaters used this bug for the first three days of qualifiers. Later, Tencent noticed this issue and quickly solved it. However, during the first three days, cheaters exploit this bug. Nonetheless, these players also started teaming up with the enemy squads during qualification matches.

As many cheaters already used the bugs in qualification matches, it was not fair for the players who showed integrity. As a result, Tencent decided to ban all the teams that used the bug for unfair advantage during these qualification matches.

Tencent announced that they have fixed the bug through the social media channels of PUBG Mobile Esports. Moreover, they have also made a few rules which will be implemented from the day 4 of qualifiers. This rule will restrict players to start a new match if they leave the first match. However, if a player disconnects due to unstable internet connection, they will be able to rejoin the match.

PMCO 2021 Fall Split

With a prize pool of a whopping $2 million, PUBG Mobile Club Open: Fall Split will take place in 23 regions across the globe. This prize pool will be distributed between these 23 regions.

The tournament will be played in TPP mode in Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. Last year, Tencent removed the Vikendi map from the Esports scene for some unknown reasons. Hence, in PMCO 2021 Fall Split, the Vikendi map is not included.

PMCO 2021 Fall Split will allow the winners to get a slot in PUBG Mobile Global Championship. This event will start in November 2021 with a prize pool of $6 million.

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