PMGC Day 1 Standings

PMGC Day 1 Standings, Day 2 Schedule and More

PMGC Day 1 ended on 21 January with some interesting fights. World’s top teams are fighting for the ultimate title of World Champion.  

There are a total of 16 teams, top 9 teams from the East, top 6 from the West and GodLike Esports from India.  

PMGC Day 1 : Overall Standings

Following are the overall standings after PMGC Day 1 –

Moreover, winning a match gives the highest placement points to a team. On PMGC Day 1, the following teams got Chicken Dinners –

  1. Six Two Eight with 15 kills
  2. Alpha 7 Esports – 10 kills
  3. Nigma Galaxy – 8 kills 
  4. Next Ruya Esp – 11 kills
  5. Natus Vincere – 10 kills
  6. Furious Gaming – 7 kills

PMGC Day 1 : Overview

Since the very beginning, the majority of teams changed their drop locations. The zone shifts caused intense fights as the teams moved ahead.

Nigma Galaxy performed well by gaining more placement points. On the other hand, the initial matches didn’t go well for GodLike Esports. 

Collecting more finish points, GodLike showed a comeback in the fourth match. But, overall things weren’t in our favour. GodLike had to settle at the 14th position  with 22 points on day 1.

PMGC Day 2 : Schedule

There will be a total of 18 matches in the PMGC Finals, out of which 6 Matches are over. Teams will play a total of 6 matches on Day 2. Following will be the map order –

  1. Erangel
  2. Miramar 
  3. Sanhok
  4. Erangel
  5. Miramar 
  6. Erangel

The PMGC Grand Finals 2021 will conclude on 23 January 2022. The team with the highest points will be the World Champion. In contrast, the winners will get the lion’s share of $1,500,000.  

In conclusion, the event is unpredictable. Every team is trying its best. No matter what will be the result, let’s continue to cheer for India!

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