PMGC Qualified teams 2021

PMGC Qualified Teams 2021 : Everything You Need to Know

PMGC Qualified teams 2021 are ready to compete in the finals. The slots are locked in, and the Grand Finals begin on 21 January 2022. 

In contrast, the grand finals will feature the top 9 teams from the East, top 6 teams from the West and 1 special team from India. 

These 16 teams will fight for a prize pool of $3,490,000.

However it will be a ‘Semi-LAN’ event with no live audience. Only some teams will fly to the venue to overcome the ping difference. 

The PMGC league matches were live between 21-24 December for both the regions. The top teams from these matches have qualified for the grand finals.

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PMGC Qualified teams : EAST

From the East region, the following teams will fight –

  1. DAMWON Gaming
  2. D’Xavier
  3. Stalwart Esports 
  4. Nigma Galaxy 
  5. Nova Esports 
  6. Six Two Eight 
  7. The Infinity
  8. 4Rivals 
  9. Team Secret

PMGC Qualified teams : West 

From the West region, the following teams have qualified –

  1. Next Ruya Esports
  2. Furious Gaming
  3. Natus Vincere
  4. S2G Esports 
  5. Alpha7 Esports
  6.  1907 Fenerbahçe Esports

PMGC 2021 :

PUBG Mobile Global Championship is a global event featuring teams from all regions. This time more Indian teams couldn’t participate due to the ban.

However, there’s a big hype for PUBG Mobile esports in India. Therefore, recently Tencent announced that there will be one special team from India.

Also, in a recent email release, Tencent revealed that this slot will be awarded to the winner of BGIS. BGIS is Krafton’s first official tournament in India.  

The event was open for all, and the qualifier rounds are live now. Moreover there are 32 teams who have got an invite, will fight in round 3.

The round 3 of Online Qualifiers will also feature 224 qualified teams. Further rounds will be –

  • Quarter Finals : 64 Teams
  • Semi Finals : 24 Teams
  • Grand Finals : 16 Teams

In conclusion, it will be interesting to watch who wins BGIS and gets to perform at the global stage. 

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