PMWI 2022

PMWI 2022 Teams, Dates, Schedule : Everything You Need to Know

PMWI 2022, one of the most-awaited events, has been announced by Tencent. Here’s the invited-teams’ list and schedule –

PMWI 2022 Teams List :

Tencent invites the best 18 teams from across the world. All these teams are the recent champions of their region/country. 

Following are the PMWI 2022 invited-teams –

Image Via Tencent

From India, Team Soul is participating in the event since they are the crown champions of the BMPS Season 1. After a long time, the team will once again fight at the global stage. 

PMWI Schedule 2022 : 

PMWI main event will be live between 11-13th August 2022. After that, there will be another event ‘Afterparty Showdown’ with 12 teams.   

Week 1 : 11-13th August 2022 

  • Teams : 18
  • Maps : Erangel/Miramar/Sanhok
  • Prize : $2,000,000

Week 2 : 18-20th August 2022

  • Teams : 12
    • Top 5 teams from week 1
    • 6 Teams from the regions (to be announced)
    • 1 special invited team
  • Prize : $1,000,000

Venue :

PMWI 2022 will be a glorious LAN event at Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia. Tencent will host it at Boulevard, which is a 900-square-metre leisure zone in Riyadh’s Hittin neighbourhood that is open primarily during the Riyadh Season entertainment festival.

Image Via Visit Saudi

Esports Roadmap :

Mr James Yang, the director Head of esports, Tencent revealed the PMWI format on 30 June. Making the announcement, he also revealed a new esports roadmap for PUBG mobile events.  

He said, “ We are very proud to expand our opportunity for players at pro semi-pro and amateur levels. There is a more clear path to our global response tournament where the players can prove themselves and compete at the highest level.”  

Tencent made several changes to its esports ecosystem to make it more accessible than ever before. 

Image Via Tencent

The overall prizepool for the global events will be $7,000,000. Out of this, the PMGC 2022 will feature a prize pool worth $4,000,000. Meanwhile, the World Invitational will have a prize pool of $3,000,000. 

In conclusion, PMWI 2022 will be full of adventures with the best teams fighting. Fans must not miss out on this epic event!

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