Police swats ImperialHal

Police swats ImperialHal playing Apex Legends on live stream

Police swats ImperialHal, a professional Apex Legends player for TSM, while he was streaming Apex Legends live.

Someone called the police and said there was a hostage situation or other threat at the ImperialHal’s house. As a result, police swatted him in the middle of a match on live stream. 

Police swats ImperialHal playing Apex Legends

ImperialHal was playing a match with Albralelie, a former TSM competitive player, and teammate Evan Verhulst when the police arrived. Hal unexpectedly stops his game, which none of his teammates initially appear to notice, as seen on Verhulst’s feed. Verhulst turned back and returned to the battle after checking on ImperialHal. The chat notified everyone that Hal had been swatted, despite ImperialHal’s friends were ignorant of what happened.

Viewers could hear heavy knocks on ImperialHal’s door on his stream, before the police entered Hal’s room and shook him on the shoulder to grab his attention .Before ImperialHal turned off his microphone and camera, viewers could even hear one of the police officers tell him, “You got swatted,” and that he could resume playing the game in a minute.

ImperialHal went back to his stream a little while later and informed everyone of what had happened. He said that the police told him that he “should do something” about these calls because they are trolls. As most people are aware, swatting leaves streamers with very little control over anonymous phone calls that summon the police to their home, even when they are at a new address.

ImperialHal continued by claiming that one of the police officers who came to the call recognised him and likely plays Apex Legends. ImperialHal was questioned if he was “a big thing” by one of the officers, and the other said that he had roughly 30,000 views.

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Police swatting ImperialHal is not uncommon. Streamers have been swatted at multiple instances in the past with streamers like Bugha, Tfue, and more. As swatting can be dangerous, both the caller and the streamers need to take some actions to reduce it. 

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