Project M    

Project M : NetEase Launches a Mobile Game Similar to Valorant

Project M was launched by NetEase on August 4,2021. Surprisingly, it is very similar to Valorant (PC). It looks like a clone of the famous FPS game.   

Project M:

The enormous Chinese internet and video game business NetEase has announced a beta test for Project M. It is their forthcoming five-vs-five mobile tactical shooter. 

And based on the trailer, Project M appears to be heavily influenced by Riot Games’ Valorant.

In contrast, Project M focuses on “sharp gunplay”. It  features a number of guns that are comparable to those seen in VALORANT. The trailer then shows a range of “special skills”.

These skills  individuals can use, some of which appear to be straight replicas of VALORANT agents’ abilities

  • Sage’s Barrier wall 
  • Sova’s drone
  • Brimstone’s tactical smokes.

Riot has announced its plans to bring VALORANT to mobile after seeing early success with some of its titles, including Wild Rift and Teamfight Tactics.

Until that mobile release, NetEase is ready to seize the opportunity presented by a mobile tactical five-vs-five FPS.

However, the game is in the beta testing phase. It is available on the Google Play Store. Also, it is available only in some regions.

Valorant Mobile:

On June 2, 2021 Riot officially announced Valorant Mobile. This announcement was a part of their first-year anniversary celebration. 

The pc version was very successful. Also, it became a huge part of the esports scenario too. Riot has plans to expand their franchise and this is the first step.

In conclusion, Riot might take action against NetEase for cloning their game. Valorant mobile is still under development. However, Riot didn’t give any official response about the clone.

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