PUBG Free Play Week

PUBG Free Play Week Started on Steam

PUBG Free Play Week is here, it is available for free on Steam for this week. The game is free-to-play between August 9 to 16. Krafton officially announced this on their Twitter handle –

PUBG Free Play Week:

Krafton has announced PUBG Free Play Week today. As we know, PUBG has become more popular on mobiles these days. 

However, PUBG on steam is another level of experience. This is a great time to try out PUBG on PC.

At present, the paid version of PUBG on Steam costs Rs 999. However, you can try the game for free and then purchase it. You will definitely love the game.

In addition, Krafton has mentioned some key points regarding PUBG Free Play Week –

  1. Players can acquire all rewards, including Pass and Mission rewards along with XP and BP.
  2. All missions and stats will be recorded. So don’t worry about  keeping the track of your achievements.
  3. There are special events and rewards for players.

Free Play Schedule:

The Free Play Week will only be around for a week, so be prepared and don’t miss out!

  • PDT: August 9, 2 PM – August 16, 2 PM 
  • CEST: August 9, 11 PM – August 16, 11 PM
  • KST: August 10, 6 AM – August 17, 6 AM


Special Drops Event for New Survivors

Survivors, complete the following missions to get rewards –

(Image Cr: Krafton)

Create A Global Event Account:

Create your own Global Account from and link with your Steam account. In addition, everyone who creates a new account and links their Steam account during the Free Play Week will be rewarded with the following special item!

  • Global Account Special Reward
    • Traditional Glasses (Round)
  • Rewards are distributed every day at PDT: 11 AM / CEST: 8 PM / KST: 3 AM

Moreover, all records will be carried over if played on the same account after purchase of the game title.

Also, the in-game store will be available once you purchase the game. Moreover, PUBG pc has been a very popular game since its launch in 2017.

In contrast, there are many more unique maps which are not a part of the mobile version. So what are you waiting for? Go and try the game for free! 

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