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PUBG Makes a Huge Collaboration with Actor Don Lee

Krafton makes unique collaborations everytime. Recently, they added a new map ‘Taego’ in the PC version. Moreover, they released a short film describing its story. Now, PUBG will feature a collaboration with the famous actor Don Lee.

PUBG x Don Lee:

The new survivor pass launches on July 7. In addition, the popular Korean–American actor Don Lee will be available as a unique character skin. 

Players can now wear a ‘Don Lee’ character skin on the Battlegrounds, along with other character skins, if they acquire the Taego Survivor Pass.

Earlier, Krafton added a few game-changing elements with the release of the new Map Taego. Also, with the Taego Survivor Pass, PUBG is now adding a lot of bright skins for the players.

In contrast, Krafton released the movie ‘Ground Zero’ on June 26, 2021. It featured actor Don Lee.

About Taego Map: 

Taego is a map that measures 8km X 8km . It will have a revolutionary landing system. However, the name ‘Tiger’ was previously suggested by leaks. 

(Image Cr: Krafton)

The map resembles Erangel in appearance. It does, however, have large structures and urban areas.

Taego map features the following things –


  1. Vehicle – Pony Coupe
  2. Weapons – 
  • MK12
  • K2
  1. Mode – Self AED

Actor Don Lee:

Mr Ma Dong-seok is a Korean-American actor. He is famous as ‘Don Lee’. He is one of the most successful actors of South Korea. 

The actor debuted in the movie ‘Train to Busan’. Subsequently, he became very famous with leading roles.

In conclusion, this new collaboration looks amazing. Actor Don Lee would create a thrilling experience in the game. Krafton CEO said that they will make more collaborations with him for more features. 

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